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Why are we here?
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Warning: This podcast uses explicit fuckin' language!
Season 15
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Why are we here?
Legal snags at a public pool
Apr 8, 2022. Ballpark Talk is back, due to its overwhelming previous success! Snorkelling vs. being a peeping tom. Same ballpark? Perspective matters here: who is peeping on whom? Warren makes a compelling case that some situations involve teammates. It probably makes sense, maybe? I don't know. We somehow end up discussing whether curtains should maybe be on the outside of the house. Is it defensible to be a shy snorkeler? How about at a public pool? Let us know what you think about underwater viewing in any context by sending us an email (maskedman@limitedappeal.net). Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
Download The most amazing... contest... in the world!
The most amazing... contest... in the world
Spoony-sharpy-pointy, yeah
Nov 9, 2021. Normally, podcasts will edit out the part of a recording where the hosts decide what to do. But we roll a different way from normal podcasts, so you get a short and not terribly interesting behind-the-scenes look at Warren introducing the possibilities. Anyway, we start a new version of the 'Who's that bird?' contest, but in this case Warren will name a bird and describe it, and its circumstances, and the rest of us need to attempt to produce the sound that Warren is describing. Warren will then subjectively (or by consensus) judge whose bird call is closest to the real one. You can play along at home, but since we can't hear you, you can't win. You'll have to judge for yourself whether your call is close to the mark. If you want to send us your call, you can do that, I suppose. Email us (maskedman@limitedappeal.net). Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
Download Boring stuff and centaurs and shit
Boring stuff and centaurs and shit
Centipede, bestiality-edition
Aug 18, 2021. We accidentally create a new segment to start this episode because we got caught up in whether our DJ was dead or his estate needed to spin the tunes. What is an estate? Do you need to have anything? What if you're dead? Does real estate imply you have an estate? What if the teddybear you get buried with was bequeathed to someone else? What if none of this is interesting to anyone at all? Hmph. On a related note, if someone says your singing voice is very distinctive, is that a compliment? How would you note sarcasm in your written compliment, if you wanted to? Or if you were quoting someone else's sarcastic comment? And wanted to do so sarcastically? How BM£ interesting. Finally, how many chests does a centaur have? We discuss the internal anatomical implications of having an extra chest, and it's as $%^ fascinating as you might expect? If you want to engage with us about any of this for some reason, send us an email (maskedman@limitedappeal.net). Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
New episode
Download A New Ballpark
A New Ballpark
Chewing on your heels
Mar 4, 2021..We have a new segment, called "Ballpark Talk", in which the premise is to decide whether two things are in the same ballpark or different ones. Today's inaugural topic: cannibalism versus eating a pet. As usual, we explore many of the philosophical nuances here. What if it's a pet you know, versus a person you don't? What if the person died accidentally and humourously in a food preparation context? What if it's a person who is a pet? Does the relative deliciousness matter? We do not want to hear from anyone who has actually considered eating a person. Anyone else, though, can email us (maskedman@limitedappeal.net). Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
Season 14
Download Charlie Farkas
Charlie Farkas
(…doing something strange, possibly clapping, in the shadows…)
Jan 30, 2021..This podcast was a rare occasion when most of us were in the same room. This means that the audio is generally exquisite since we are using T-Bone's studio, but also somewhat annoying because Warren insists on giving listeners cues of our eating and drinking. Do judges have their own gavels, or is one provided in the courtroom? What if someone breaks the gavel, is there a spare? John is on hand to answer, even though he insists he hasn't spent much time in a courtroom. You be the judge of what he knows about judges. Get it? If you are a judge, or a gavel equipment manager, and want to set the record straight, send us an email (maskedman@limitedappeal.net). Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
Download Shtoop the help, it's Christmas
Shtoop the help, it's Christmas
Christmas, with a vengeance!
Dec 22, 2020..An oft-discussed but not previously resolved question: is Die Hard a Christmas movie? We settle the matter, I guess, provided you don't care very much about the matter in the first place. Turns out the whole question turns on the secret, possibly offscreen shenanigans between Bruce and the security guard. If you can read between the scenes to imagine some help-shtooping, then you have yourself a holiday classic. Take that, Julie Andrews! Our handy rule turns out to illuminate the question for many other Christmas movie candidates, although the degree to which off-screen activity is implied is sometimes controversial. Screenwriters of the future, take note: make sure that you explicitly clarify the off or on screen antics involving the help if you want to be included in the holiday rotation. If you need help with how to write about expressly boning, email us (maskedman@limitedappeal.net). Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
Download That is so Takis
That is so Takis
Dipping the wet end back in
May 2, 2020..Welcome back! Have you washed your hands? Either way, keep your soggy end out of the dip. Warren asks whether Timmy was right in suggesting that George from Seinfeld put his whole mouth in the tip. Remember the before-time, when this might have been a question? It's hard to imagine now, but at one stage it was somewhat defensible to dip near someone else, and maybe even do so twice, depending on rotation and the number of chip protuberances. If you know can clarify the benefits of tube-shaped chips, or know which of our episodes contains a discussion of aphid honeydew, send us an email (maskedman@limitedappeal.net). Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
Download My Corona
My Corona
Unspeakable chew-stick play
Mar 31, 2020..The coronavirus lockdown worldwide has everyone adjusting to a new reality, including us. There are a lot of pressing issues, and we're not qualified to talk about any of those, so we thought we would solve some less-pressing problems. We start somewhat mysteriously with T-Bone mentioning how he recently entertained some higher-ups for a super-secret contract (details have been censored to protect T-Bones client from the defamation that would otherwise arise). Warren suggested he should have taken them to The Granary, a fairly niche restaurant from our hometown that can no longer have a salad wagon for virus reasons. Given the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, we consider several possible innovations to permit what was formerly conveyed via wagons of greens, food delivery, knob-polishing, dog walking, graduation parties, etc. If you have suggestions for finding private chew-stick time under lockdown, send us an email (maskedman@limitedappeal.net). Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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About us

Limited Appeal is a self-explanatory podcast, really. On a monthlish basis, four old university friends now scattered across the world meet for a Skypechat that is recorded for your detr. . . , er, benefit. Surprisingly, we actually edit out the more boring parts of the conversation, and try to leave you with a few pearls of wisdom that are gleaned from consistently ridiculous points of view on discussion topics ranging from the mundane to the absurd. If you occasionally enjoy some of our conversations, we are pleased.

But be warned: our motto is, "In case you were expecting something, this is what you get."

Name: John
Nickname: Lazy bastard
Primary characteristic: Lazy
Favourite sexual position: On bottom (because he's lazy)
Favourite colour: Lazy
Favourite food: Lazy
Catchphrase: I'm too lazy to write my own bio
Name: Luc
Palindromic birthplace: Wakaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Current habitat: Somewhere in Scandinavia?
Fascinations: Christian kitsch, bug sex, shiny objects
Professional activities: Pulling back the foreskin of science, watching bugs have sex, drinking coffee
Hobbies: Attempting the unfeasible, watching bugs have sex, drinking coffee
Turn-ons: Busty Norwegian orienteers, especially the female ones
Turn-offs: Righteousness, spokespeople, righteous spokespeople
Name: T-bone
Glasses: Extra thick
Favorite mustard: French's
Favorite size of mustard: 3.78 litre
Interests: Audio engineer, voice artist, drummer, Vespa diehard, and professional boob enthusiast
Name: Warren
Least surprising factoid: My name is warren.
Least interesting factoid: I like the word "factoid".
Habitat: Toronto-ish
Food habits: Primarily carnivorous, with fruits and vegetables playing a lesser role in his diet.
Hobbies: Thinking about stupid things to talk about; chasing cars and slower moving things.


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Limited Appeal would like to thank all of our fans who have downloaded millions of our podcasts. If it wasn't for you, not much would change for us. But we still appreciate you listening.
We would also like to recognize the following contributors:
General Patton vs the X-Ecutioners Limited Appeal's theme music for seasons 2, 3, and 4 is taken from the song "A.W.O.L. BLOCK PARTY BRAWL 0600 hrs." Music for seasons 7 and beyond is from the song "Get Up Punk! 0200 Hours" by General Patton vs the X-Ecutioners, and is used with permission from Ipecac Recordings.
Mugison Limited Appeal's theme music for season 5 and 6 is taken from the song "Mugiboogie" by Mugison, and is used with permission. Huge thanks to Ipecac Recordings.
Dr. D
Dr. D Music for the following segments was written and performed by Dr. D exclusively for Limited Appeal: Superhero's phone booth, Inventions and shit, Punch us in the mail sack, Nature walk, Pooh corner
Warren Music for the following segments was written and performed by Warren exclusively for Limited Appeal: Dictionary Plus, Foody Goody, Polish the bishop, Sportage
Hoss A special thank you to Hoss - our biggest fan out there. His name occasionally makes it into an episode. Now you know who we're talking about. By the way, this may or may not be an accurate photo of him.
All of our episodes are written, performed, produced, edited, and published by Limited Appeal.


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