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Dipping the wet end back in
May 2, 2020. Welcome back! Have you washed your hands? Either way, keep your soggy end out of the dip. Warren asks whether Timmy was right in suggesting that George from Seinfeld put his whole mouth in the tip. Remember the before-time, when this might have been a question? It's hard to imagine now, but at one stage it was somewhat defensible to dip near someone else, and maybe even do so twice, depending on rotation and the number of chip protuberances. If you know can clarify the benefits of tube-shaped chips, or know which of our episodes contains a discussion of aphid honeydew, send us an email ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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Unspeakable chew-stick play
Mar 31, 2020. The coronavirus lockdown worldwide has everyone adjusting to a new reality, including us. There are a lot of pressing issues, and we're not qualified to talk about any of those, so we thought we would solve some less-pressing problems. We start somewhat mysteriously with T-Bone mentioning how he recently entertained some higher-ups for a super-secret contract (details have been censored to protect T-Bones client from the defamation that would otherwise arise). Warren suggested he should have taken them to The Granary, a fairly niche restaurant from our hometown that can no longer have a salad wagon for virus reasons. Given the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, we consider several possible innovations to permit what was formerly conveyed via wagons of greens, food delivery, knob-polishing, dog walking, graduation parties, etc. If you have suggestions for finding private chew-stick time under lockdown, send us an email ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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Soup Analogy
Aug 19, 2019. For this episode, we revisit Inventions and Shit, our segment in which we present ideas of new inventions for free (mostly) in case any venture capitalists are listening. Warren's latest idea is a toilet water warmer, which, you may have guessed, warms the water in your toilet. There are several major benefits (or perhaps problems) depending on your anatomy, digestive physiology, and temperature preference. And maybe the country of origin of your dog. If you are a robot (preferably not a racist or masturbating one) and wish to license our idea (please don't) you can contact us by email ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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How high is a pile of assholes?
Jun 20, 2019. Having been stuck on Season 11 for a while, we skipped 12 and went straight to 13. Bad luck be damned! By the way, have you been eating salami wrong? Quite possibly. Anyway, this episode marks a return to our contest feature Nature Walk, Who's That Bird Non-Bird Edition, Round 5. How dramatic! For this contest, we have to listen to an audio clip of a nonbird, describe the nonbird or name it, describe what the nonbird is thinking, or what it is trying to achieve with the sound, and then provide a collective noun for the animal. Play along at home, though you'll be hard pressed to match the amateur natural history insights we muster. If you need any more nostril-based trivia, let us know via email ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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Predator training rituals
Feb 8, 2019. I was going to write about Warren's introduction of a topic, and I guess I have. SPOILER ALERT: Warren mentions more than one thing not particularly central to the latest Predator movie that had (until our discussion) seemed unbelievable, but we resolve that for him. Then, for our segment "How About That?", Warren bring up the Pepto Bismol and Nyquil donut range for the Voodoo Donut shop in Oregon, not to mention the Cock and Balls donut. Somehow their range is not as variable as it could be, especially if they had listened to some earlier suggestions from Limited Appeal. I was going to look up the exact episodes and refer to them, but I guess I have not. If you have any questions besides which episodes those are, email us ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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Cloacal hydration
Jun 29, 2018. This episode starts with a Nature Walk, featuring Who's That Bird, non-bird edition, possibly round 4. T-Bone's dog previous success has him well ahead, maybe. Warren plays the sound of a nonbird, and each of us has to guess what the nonbird looks like, what it's trying to communicate, and provide the collective term for it. We each take a guess, which is as non-illuminating as usual. However, the correct answer sets off a real flood of interest in the water economy of the animals in question. Trust me, this is weirder and more interesting than it sounds, provided it doesn't sound very interesting to you. If you have any experience with unconventional sources of water, send us an email to tell us about it ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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Unspeakably filthy ball drying towels
May 15, 2018. This episode, Warren describes a situation in his work bathrooms that has been troubling him: one day the overseers at Warren's office replaced the paper towels with air dryers. However, some people must have complained, because at some point someone added a box containing so-called "door tissues". This way, people who had previously used paper towels to open the door had an extra paper towel that they could use to open the door after air drying their hands. Then the problem became what to do with the door tissues, so the management installed a garbage can outside the toilets marked "Door tissues only!" Then someone ripped down the door tissue box, so there was still a garbage can but no door tissues. We discuss the complex series of pointless events for far longer than you might imagine. I was really annoyed by this story when Warren told it and writing it down again has infuriated me again. Believe it or not, the first half, infuriating as it is, is outmatched by the conversation on homophones that follows. Arrrghhh!!! If you justifiably want to complain about how painful this episode was, contact us by email ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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This week: Nature's Deadliest Animals!!! Plus corks and icicles.
Feb 9, 2018. This episode involves a Nature Walk contest, "Who's That Non-Bird: Killer Edition". (We'll save the killer birds for another day.) The contest question is this: which non-birds are responsible for the most human deaths in the world per year? Warren asks the rest of us to guess the top 11. Here's a little foreshadowing: Warren will cite some stats for non-animal causes of death for contrast, and John will contest them furiously. This contest is only one episode, but it's still surprisingly long, or at least it feels that way... If you want to correct any of Warren's statistics, send us an email ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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The thing is you're into, and all the different variations on that thing
Dec 12, 2017. Merry Tedmas everyone! In the spirit of the holidays, and just in case you have a collector in your Secret Santa exchange pool, in this episode we try to Name 5 Things that are Bad Ideas for collectible products. For example, Warren explains that cereal producers had tried to make cereal boxes collectible, which is a real thing ( Oh Ted help us. Anyway, Warren asks us to name five other things that would be a bad idea to make collectible. I have a suspicion that some of these things already exist, and that I shouldn't have flushed them if I wanted to make money on some mint condition toilet paper. Opportunity squandered! Let us know what you have failed to collect by email ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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Scandalously seductive peppermints
Oct 12, 2017. This week we open the show uncertain about Carol Burnett's status. Turns out: still funny! Then we try to name five possible sport team names that are strange, yet somehow intimidating. Warren's suggested example is "The Long Starers". We come up with many suggestions, but most of them are perhaps more off-putting than intimidating. Anyway, our discussion naturally leads us to discussing how cereal prevents masturbation. You'll want to stay away from all those sexy, sexy foods, like vinegar, and pickles. PICKLES! So hot…. If you've not yet succumbed to temptation, you can send us an email and describe your favourite strategy for resisting self-abuse ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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Is that a cucott in your pants?
Jul 6, 2017. This episode aims not to provoke. Consider yourself warned! We begin with a "How about that?" segment, in which Warren notes that both words tit and boob are palindromes. How about that? We discuss maintaining palindromiety for plurals of palindromes, but it's a bit controversial, and maybe even dangerously close to provocative. To avoid crossing a line, we try to name 5 things that you can stuff into other things to invent a new food item. For a simple example, Warren suggests putting a carrot into a cucumber, to make a (maybe) cucott. Some of the other suggestions are more involved, but perhaps no more provocative (although T-Bone does lose it at one point). If you find the content provokes any kind of response, eat some piroshka to cool off. Then if you're still feeling hot, send us an email ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.
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Don't worry, all the poop is dead
Apr 7, 2017. In this episode, we bring you a nice relaxing audio bath, because you deserve it. Warren presents Pooh Corner to start us off, by recounting an incident on a small plane in which the toilet contained no sink, but only hand sanitizer. Is this an adequate solution? What if (however it happened), you actually got poop on your hand? Would the sanitizer be sufficient, really? Are your hands food-safe? Does the answer depend on the provision of towels? Or does it depend primarily on your diet (think about it)? What if we could sterilize your hands effectively? Is it better to use the sanitizer or toilet water? Apparently the FDA is alert to the problem, but perhaps the good folks there might want to consider some of our suggestions. If you need any advice on sinkless handwashing, let us know by email ( Theme music courtesy of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.


Limited Appeal is a self-explanatory podcast, really. On a monthlish basis, four old university friends now scattered across the world meet for a Skypechat that is recorded for your detr. . . , er, benefit. Surprisingly, we actually edit out the more boring parts of the conversation, and try to leave you with a few pearls of wisdom that are gleaned from consistently ridiculous points of view on discussion topics ranging from the mundane to the absurd. If you occasionally enjoy some of our conversations, we are pleased.

But be warned: our motto is, "In case you were expecting something, this is what you get."

John Name: John
Nickname: Lazy bastard
Primary characteristic: Lazy
Favourite sexual position: On bottom (because he's lazy)
Favourite colour: Lazy
Favourite food: Lazy
Catchphrase: I'm too lazy to write my own bio
Luc Name: Luc
Palindromic birthplace: Wakaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Current habitat: Scotland
Fascinations: Christian kitsch, bug sex, shiny objects
Professional activities: Pulling back the foreskin of science, watching bugs have sex, drinking coffee
Hobbies: Attempting the unfeasible, watching bugs have sex, drinking coffee
Turn-ons: Busty Norwegian orienteers, especially the female ones
Turn-offs: Righteousness, spokespeople, righteous spokespeople
T-bone Name: T-bone
Glasses: Extra thick
Favorite mustard: French's
Favorite size of mustard: 3.78 litre
Audio engineer, voice artist, drummer, Vespa diehard, and professional boob enthusiast
Warren Name: Warren
Least surprising factoid: My name is warren.
Least interesting factoid: I like the word "factoid".
Habitat: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Food habits: Primarily carnivorous, with fruits and vegetables playing a lesser role in his diet.
Hobbies: Thinking about stupid things to talk about; chasing cars


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